February 6, 2020

Pride of Scotland

We love the identity we've just crafted up for our new client. They need help merging their two established companies in the property sector. Appin was born and derived from an area of Scotland. We designed a contemporary marque, drawing inspiration from Scottish heritage and the area’s iconic mountain peaks. See the full project here

January 7, 2020

Heart & Soul

We've just put the finishing touches to helping Heartstyles reinvent their brand identity. They're an international company helping businesses unlock their potential through an online tool targeting individual’s current behaviours. Clever stuff.

Website can be seen here heartstyles.com

April 8, 2019

Brand New!

Horaay! We eventually got a round to it. We have a new identity and website for 2020. Some old stuff on here along with the new and a few more to come. Branding for yourself is never fun, it should be but creatives always move on so fast. It's safe to say the next rebrand will take place in about 20 years. It will surely be easier in the future and we'll be probably on hoover boards anyway!